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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

SnagIt 8 Brag-A-Thon

Calling all people who are sick and tired of getting screen shots then using Paint to crop the image down.
I recently received a copy of a tool called Snagit 8 from TechSmith in exchange for some free advertising. Now usually I wouldn't do this but I've been using snagit since version 6 and I have to say it's a pretty awesome utility.
This tool allows you to capture different areas of your screen and then save the outputs to different file formats e.g. jpg, gif et...
now I know this is nothing special but the coolness lies in the detail in addition to simply capturing your entire desktop snagit also allows you to capture

  • Window Regions
  • Full Windows
  • Scrolling windows
  • Web pages (while maintaining all the links on that page)
  • scrolling web pages
  • scrolling PDF documents
  • Menus that have a delay before being shown
  • Individual objects on a windows
  • All images from a selected webpage
  • All text from a selected window
  • and finally it also lets you highlight a region of your desktop and record a movie of everything that happens within that region (awesome for demo movies)

In addition to all of these capture options it also contains a very full featured image editing tool, and a bulk file format converter utility.

Now I know this sounds like a bad Demtel ad at the moment and I know your probably all wondering when I'm going to whip out the steak knives. Sorry to say that the steak knives that can cut through a shoe haven't been bundled with the product but you can download a free 30 day trial version from here



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