The Journal of an Xbox InfoPath Nut

Friday, August 18, 2006

I knew being an MSN beta tester would pay off

Well it's been a couple of months now since all the Messenger Beta testers were notified they would be receiving a "gift" for their testing efforts, and today that gift finally arrived.
There was speculation, rumor and excitement about what the said gift would actually be, if history was to repeat itself we would all be receiving web cams, if MS was to keep up the technology hype we would have all received funky IP Phones, but alas neither of those options was to be. I'm now the proud owner of yet another branded laptop bag, Complete will Messenger Men and all.
I'm as yet undecided which of my 3 laptops will reside in this little fella but I'm sure they'll be playing rock, paper, scissors for it all afternoon :o)