The Journal of an Xbox InfoPath Nut

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Fun blog you all need to check out

So your all probably asking where the hell are these InfoPath Posts?.... well your probably not because from what I can see I don’t think anyone is reading this blog anyway. That aside I do feel it worth mentioning this other cool little blog I found and yes I know I will probably gain my self the title of Star Wars nerd but hey this is still a little blog

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Ok so I haven't made a post to this in a long time so here we go again, so whats new.
well I think I have now hit the level of InfoPath Guru spending the last month and half developing a rather complex solution with this piece of software has exposed me to both the features and set backs, plus I've managed to find some work arounds to some of the more annoying problems in InfoPath. This being said I plan to post some of these solutions over the next couple of weeks. but for now my battery is low so I must go check back soon people