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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Blip I'm Back on the radar

Well it's been a very exciting couple of days for me, As you may recall the Xbox 360 was launched last week hence my absense from any posting. Now I'm back I can tell you all about the glory of the next generation games machine.
In sort its awesome, I'll try to put up some more detailed comments about the box and it's software over the next couple of days.
One other event that happened is that I'm back in the office for a little while (now this may not sound like exciting news but it is nice to get back to my desk every now and then and back into some comfortable jeans).
Imagine my surprise when I got back to my desk and it looked like this

So as you can see I have a little work to get on with but I promise with all these screens hanging around I'm bound to find some time to put some more posts up.


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