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Thursday, January 26, 2006

XBOX 360 release date Pushed back

So as you probably already know I have my XB360 pre ordered and pretty much paid off, I have also gone to the trouble of getting the day off work so I can enjoy the release. So imagine my terror today I received a rather distressing message on my phone from my local EB Games notifying me that the release date had been pushed out from the 2nd of march to the 23rd. I've been trying to track down any confirmation of this from Microsoft but, alas so far all I could find was the following article. Which also states that Microsoft has made no comment, and also puts in the hope that this is only a rumor. My gut feeling is that if the franchises have been told to call their customers then it's high probability that it's legit.

If it is true then I have to say that this is pretty poor dealings on Microsofts part especially considering that Xbox has around 35 to 40% of Australia's gaming market. Don't get me wrong I'm Microsoft branded through and through but if they announce a release date then they need to stick to it and not play with peoples emotions.

If anyone finds out anything confirming or denying this please post comments, if not then I live in hope that this is nothing more than a sick twisted joke of a heartless gossip.


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