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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Big week and I'm only half way there

Well as usual it's been a while since my last post so here is my update.

Last week was great got started on building my new Computer which has been long over due once I have this baby finished I'll be sure to post some pics, also I purchased a new Cry Baby (don't worry I didn't adopt or get a new woman in my life) a Cry Baby is a type of Wah pedal made famous by Jimi Hendrix (and to a lesser extent 70's porn films). Anyway my existing wah died so it was time for a replacement and it sounds spectacular, bring on the Afros and bell botoms :o)

one last thing tonight is the community launch for VS2005 and SQl2005, so I warn you now there may be some incrimating photos of me showing up on the web in the next day or so

I'll fill you in with more details tomorrow

until then.......


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