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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Who is Nilcraban

I received a question yesterday from another blogger friend of mine (thanks Dave) as to where I got the name for my blog. Well Dave first we must cast our minds back around 2 years, there I was a young starting out developer who had one small problem, I lacked a decent logon name that I could use anywhere that would not return a “that name is already in use” message from websites. By chance I received an email that pointed me to a Lord of the Rings Name generator, so after a little playing I managed to get Nilcraban which was my Elvish name that meant something along the lines of “Great Wise One” very fitting I thought. So hence that where the name Nilcraban comes from. Alas I have not managed to track down the same website again despite much trying. Oh well until then I must say this name has served me well and will continue to with any luck.


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